Κ Mina Water Services

The company K Mina Water Services was founded in 2006 with the aim of distributing water. Our water vehicles serve the entire Limassol district in areas that lack a water supply network as well as in construction sites, factories, hotels, poultry farms, swimming pools, gardens, homes, etc.

Today the company is based in privately owned premises and has 3 state-of-the-art stainless steel tank cars with pressure pumps as well as legal wells with quality tested water, always transported with its suitable and certified vehicles.

We serve our customers quickly, reliably and at unbeatable prices. We cover their needs for water in swimming pools, industries, hotels, schools, construction sites, road construction projects, gardens, houses, water supply for ships, washing of internal and external industrial spaces with high pressure pumps, as well as dealing with emergencies (fires, floods).

Our many years of experience, the strict adherence to hygiene rules, the water vehicles that have stainless steel, insulated tanks so that the water we transport does not suffer any changes, have given us a place among the most serious water transport and management companies in Cyprus.
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